Chin Aesthetics

What is Chin Aesthetics?

Chin Aesthetics

Maxillofacial surgery or mentoplasty is a surgical procedure for the shaping of the jaw with an implant added on the jawbone, or by a reduction surgery on the jawbone. Plastic surgery and other non-surgical procedures can usually be performed in the jaw line and jaw area to help improving the proportions of the face and increase the self-confidence of the person.

Such interventions can often be recommended by competent surgeons to improve the compliance of facial features and improve jaw & cheek & forehead balance. Sometimes the jaw bone itself can be moved forward in an operation called a mentoplasty or a genioplasty.

Alternatively, the shaped silicone implants can be used to provide more reflection for the jaw. Conversely, an excessively protruding jaw may be reduced on the jawbone.

In order to improve the aesthetic appearance as well as correcting the chewing dynamics or removing the problems of the lower and upper teeth on each other, the operation to be applied on the upper and lower jaw can be recommended. Beyond the problem of bite and chewing, nowadays, in order to achieve a better facial ratio, it may recommend jaw surgery or procedures to a patient with nasal aesthetics. The size and appearance of the jaw may have an effect on the perceived size of the nose.

It can also recommend the use of gel filler material for short-term solutions as an alternative to the recent advances in technology and all options, in order to allow the jaw area to change or change its appearance.

Is Jaw Aesthetics Right For You?

Jaw aesthetics; flattened jaw, chin shift or jaw size can be corrected. If you’re interested in the position, shape or circumference of your jaw, chin surgery may be a good option for you.

Jaw aesthetics is a widely applied plastic surgery procedure. Genioplasty can be applied to patients who do not have any health problems, have no active disease or have no prior medical condition. The gynoplasty may be effective for patients with a small or flat jaw. A jaw that looks very small compared to other facial features can make the nose appearing too long. Surgeons can often use jaw implants to balance the characteristics of a younger patient, or in adult patients, they can use genioplasty with another aesthetic procedure.

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Piezo Nose Aesthetics

In nasal aesthetic surgery, chisels and rasps are used in nasal arch and nasal bone shaping. Developing technology has been put into operation in aesthetic nose surgery as in every field of medicine. One of the most recent innovations introduced by technology in nose surgery is piezo surgery.