Rhinoplasty, When?

When to Proceed to a Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

When to proceed to a Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

The process of nose aesthetics is important.
Nasal aesthetics operations are among the most popular aesthetic operations that are popular in recent years. Current studies and innovations in the field of rhinoplasty increase the interest in these procedures. Take the decision to have a nose surgery is an important step. Many people want tot have a nose job, but there are details that they should be informed about. Many information, especially about when the procedure should be done, may make this process more difficult.

Nose aesthetics process may vary depending on many factors such as physiological structure, health status, expectation of surgery and mood. Therefore we cannot specify how much time does it take for the operation. The age and current health status of the person who will have a nose aesthetic should be examined by a specialist and a road map should be drawn in order to have a nose in the direction that the patient imagines.

Complaints begin at an early age

Many men and women experience dissatisfaction with the shape of their nose. These complaints may even begin long before the age of 18. Since the nose has a very important place in facial aesthetics, patients can also be very sensitive in this regard. The subject of age in the nose aesthetics is always one of the topics of interest. Every person over 18 years of age for both genders may have a nose plastic surgery. Patients who does the surgery before the age mentioned may not have healthy results. Therefore, the age limit for the operation can be set to 18. Moreover, there may be some exceptions for persons that can have a nose surgery before the age of 18 (accident, severe impact, trauma, etc.) if an early planning can be made.

Is there a season to make the surgery?

Another issue that is widely discussed in nasal aesthetic surgery, it is the period in which the operation should be performed. While many argue that it should not be done in the spring-summer months, many people think it is inconvenient to proceed during autumn-winter period. Nasal aesthetics can be made in every season unlike you maybe heard. There is no formal or legal regulation in this regard. But here you need to pay attention; What kind of diseases will be caused by people on the seasons. For example; people who have an allergic body or who react to excessive heat and body resistance may not be able to have the operation in the spring and summer months. It is therefore necessary to determine the correct date in consultation with a doctor specialized in aesthetic nose surgery. It may be more useful for people in this group to have an operation in autumn-winter months as mild cool or cold air does not cause edema or swelling in the body.

People who are not sensitive to pollen or heat should take some precautions even if they are going to be operated in summer. Since the sun is very intense after surgery, climbing out of the bumpers in the nose may increase, the patient should avoid the dırect contact with the sun. In addition, excessive heat may cause swelling for nose.
If you want to be operated in the winter months, people who are hypersensitive to the cold should consult their doctors and discuss the appropriate time for them. In the winter months, some diseases that affect the nose (nose runny, cold nose bleeding, nasal congestion, influenza, colds, etc.) will affect the operation process or after, this should certainly not be missed. To summarize briefly, all these details are analyzed by the doctor and the date of the surgery is determined.