Sinus Surgery

What is Sinus Surgery?

Sinus Surgery

Computed tomography scans can be used for sinus surgery. Patients who do not respond to medical treatment do not require surgery. Before applying for sinus surgery, patients should be sure that they have tried all medical therapies. After all treatment methods, a surgery is recommended if there is evidence of chronic sinus disease or if the sinus obstruction continues.

When is Sinus Surgery recommended?

The conditions for applying for a sinus surgery are:

  • Proof of chronic sinusitis even after aggressive medical treatment
  • Sinus disease caused by a fungal infection
  • Nasal or sinus polyps
  • Structural abnormalities of the nose or sinuses
  • Sinus infection spreading to bone
  • Sinus cancer
  • Chronic sinusitis with HIV

Types of Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is the most common surgical procedure for patients with chronic sinusitis. Operations used in sinuses:

1. Functional Endoscopic Surgery: This surgical procedure uses a light tube called an endoscope to look directly at the nose and sinuses. During an endoscopy, the surgeon can remove from the tissues, the sinuses can be cleaned and the sinus openings can be expanded for drainage.
2. Balloon Sinuplasty: In this surgical procedure, a catheter is placed into the sinus with an inflatable balloon and then the balloon is inflated to expand the sinus openings.
3. Open Sinus Surgery: In cases of complex chronic sinusitis, an operation can be performed directly on the sinus. Thus, directly diseased tissue can be removed and the sinus can be reconstructed.

Pros and Cons of Sinus Surgery

The biggest plus of sinus surgery is that it usually works. Recovery may take several months to complete and postoperative care is very important during this time. Studies show that 85 to 90 percent of sinus surgery is effective. One of the pluses of this operation is that the endoscopic operation has few complications and the patient feels very little pain during recovery.

The minus aspect of the operation is that the post-operative care is as important as the procedure itself. Patients have come to check for endoscopic examinations and cleaning. Patients should know that only sinus surgery is not sufficient for the treatment of chronic sinusitis alone. Postoperative care is also a process that directly affects the healing process. The best results for sinus surgery occur when you and your surgeon work together and remain in constant communication before and after the surgery.

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