What Should Be Considered in Male Rhinoplasty?

Today, the demand for plastic surgery is undeniably high. We can say that especially nose surgeries do not lose the first place to other aesthetic operations. In fact, it is a fact that rhinoplasty has become popular with male patients in recent years.
Every individual, male or female, wants to see a more beautiful, attractive and attractive face when they look in the mirror. If they have problems with their nose structures, they dream of a symmetrical nose that adapts to the face. This is quite normal. However, the main detail that draws attention here is; that male patients who have had nose surgery are very close to the rate of female patients. Studies also state that there is an increase of up to 50% in rhinoplasty surgeries applied to men.

When personal expectations and preferences were added to some conditions brought by modern and fast life, men’s perspectives on their physical appearance began to change. In the past, while the thought that subjects such as care, aesthetics and cosmetics covered mostly women, this belief has almost become history in today’s society. As a result, men have come to follow aesthetic and cosmetic innovations as closely as women. So much so that there are men who resort to the operation without hesitation for areas they are not satisfied with in their physical appearance.

The male face, and especially the nose, does not resemble women due to its anatomy. While women have softer and curvy facial features, men have sharper, straighter and harder lines. However, when we look at the men of our country, the characteristic nose structure (hook nose, pinocchio nose, long nose, big nose, etc.) is observed in almost the majority of men.

The reason why men are not satisfied with their noses may vary from person to person. However, they mostly look to nose surgery because they think that they can take a step forward in the competition in their business and private lives. Thus, they want to be more dynamic, healthy and confident in both their professional success and their emotional life. Of course, apart from social status, career and aesthetic concerns, the number of people who underwent surgery for health problems such as breathing problems, sleep apnea, snoring, congenital or subsequent deformations of the nose (accident, impact) is high.

The point of view of male patients on aesthetic nose surgery is quite different from that of women. We can even say that men are more meticulous and careful about nose surgery than women. Having a feminine appearance, especially after surgery, is their biggest fear. The nose that men dream of is primarily to look natural on the face, not to lose the masculine structure, to preserve functionality and to make small touches that will add charismaticity to them. Unlike women, male patients do not want their nose structures to be completely changed, they only want the area they are uncomfortable to be corrected. In addition, they are very careful about the situations that may occur after the operation.

It is essential that patient-doctor communication be established very well before surgical intervention. Afterwards, the nose structure and facial anatomy should be examined in detail and the most suitable nose shape should be planned in line with the patient’s demands. Of course, the main goal in nose surgery applied to men should not only be to change the shape of the nose, but also to ensure that the functional functions of the nose are perfect. A nose that looks aesthetic and beautiful should be healthy both inside and out.

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Rhinoplasty is an operation that should be designed specifically for each person.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that should be designed specifically for each person.

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