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Our nose shape represents the symmetry and characteristic features of our face. So much so that looks, smiles, gestures and facial expressions are formed entirely together with the structure of the nose. If the bone on the back of the nose that gives the shape of the nose is too arched or curved, both aesthetic and functional problems may occur. The arched nose shape can be congenital or it can develop after a trauma (accident, blow, etc.). But when we look at our country in general, if we consider that arched and characteristic nose structures are frequently encountered, we can say that it is mostly of genetic origin.

Due to reasons such as the social environment in which one lives, the competition in business life, the desire to feel better and to be liked by others, more importance has been given to physical appearance. Depending on this situation, many men and women want to see a beautiful and attractive face when they look in the mirror. However, continuing to live in the shadow of an arched nose is not everyone’s choice. Because our external appearance and our spiritual world are directly proportional to each other.

Types of Arched Rhinoplasty

Arched rhinoplasty is divided into two groups as surgical and non-surgical. Of course, which method you are more suitable for will be determined by your specialist doctor. In some people, the bridge of the nose is not very prominent, while in others it is quite protruding. For the non-surgical method, patients whose nasal arch is not too large are suitable candidates. If there is an arched nose that completely changes the facial expression, then surgical intervention is required. Before the arched nose surgery, the patient’s nose structure and shape are examined in detail. It is determined which area of ​​the nose is closer to the arch of the patient’s nose. In some cases, the arch may belong to the cartilage structure or bone structure. It has also been observed in cases where both occur together. For this reason, the suitability of the nose back to the other parts of the face is calculated and the rate at which the arch should be reduced is determined. Afterwards, the necessary examinations and analyzes for the operation are made and the health status of the patient is checked. If there is a previous surgery or discomfort, these conditions should be shared with the doctor.

The operation is performed with open or closed technique under general anesthesia. In the open technique, the back of the nose is cut and the necessary correction is applied, while in the closed technique, the operation is performed by entering through the nostrils. Whichever technique is applied, the goal is to remove the bridge in the nose. Since there will be a flattening in that area after the belt is removed, the bones in the nose wings are also brought closer to each other. Arched rhinoplasty is also applied for nasal tip reduction operation. Thus, the patient can have a nose that is proportional to his face and smaller than before. As in all nose surgeries, the aim in arched nose aesthetics is to look natural. The operation takes about 2 hours. If no symptoms occur after the surgery, the patient is discharged. Afterwards, it is recommended to rest for at least 2 weeks and lie down with the head elevated. Thus, possible pain, bleeding and swelling can be prevented. There is nothing to worry about as these situations are part of the healing process. After the patient returns to his daily life, he should go to the controls at the intervals determined by the doctor. The ideal age limit for aesthetics is 17 years and above for women and 18 years and above for men.

In the non-surgical application, filling materials or botox materials are used. It should be reminded again that the non-surgical technique is suitable for mild protrusions, collapses or curvatures. If this is the case, correction can be made in 30 minutes with local anesthesia.

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Rhinoplasty is an operation that should be designed specifically for each person.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that should be designed specifically for each person.

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