How Should Nose Aesthetics Be Performed in Women?

The desire to have an aesthetic and beautiful appearance is a subject that has been going on since ancient times and has never fallen off the agenda. As it is known, in interpersonal relations, the physical appearance of people is taken into account at the first encounter. If there is a part of the person’s body that he is not satisfied with, this can negatively affect both his social life and his mental state. Especially women are very sensitive in this regard.

Because the urge to be satisfied and admired is more intense in women than in men. One of the most important issues that women experience aesthetic anxiety is the problems in the nose structure. Just as it is important for a woman to look beautiful when she looks in the mirror, problems with the nose, which gives the face all its shape and expression, can naturally turn a person’s life into a nightmare. Studies have shown that rhinoplasty operations are twice as often as other aesthetic operations. Fortunately, thanks to today’s technology and innovations in the field of medicine, the dreamed nose can be achieved more easily.

Gender Factor

Gender plays a major role in rhinoplasty operations. The facial anatomy of women is round, curved and slender. In addition, the nasal surfaces are concave and smaller. Since the anatomical structure of women and their expectations from the operation are not the same as those of male patients, the result should be more feminine. Female patients also attach importance to their natural nose shape as well as being beautiful. Since the nose is a prominent organ in the facial region, the expected result from the surgery is that it provides a harmonious and perfect integrity to the face.

For this reason, in aesthetic nose surgery, the size and lines of the nose of the woman should not be very prominent, and the back of the nose should be slightly angled. Although many studies have been conducted on the ideal nose angle in women, it has been determined that the most appropriate angle (nose-lip angle) is between 95-120.

Since each patient’s facial structure and nose problem are different, the operation to be performed should be planned considering these criteria.

To summarize briefly, the “first condition” should be that the new nose to be made should be compatible with the patient’s face and look natural. Without detailed facial analysis and without defining the characteristic features of the nose, surgical intervention will not be healthy and will not look beautiful.

Nose Aesthetics Specialist

Rhinoplasty is an operation that should be designed specifically for each person.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that should be designed specifically for each person.

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