Functional And Aesthetic Nasal Surgery

Functional And Aesthetic Nasal Surgery

Functional And Aesthetic Nasal Surgery

In the human body, the first area of ​​attention and importance is the face. In particular, having a smooth nose structure is aesthetically complementary to the face. For this reason, the health of the nose structurally and functionally, the shape of the face looks as beautiful. Of course, other than the expression of the nose to make a good breath of breath, sterilization and humidification of the breathing air is another important criteria. If the nose is deformed, the person may suffer from shortness of breath. This can cause many problems, from sleep disorders to psychological problems.

Nowadays, many people are complaining about their appearance or functionality, and some of them apply to surgery. However, it is very important to inform the patient in detail before the functional and aesthetic surgeries performed for the nose and to decide the desired revision together with the patient.

Types of Surgery

Operational and aesthetic revisions of the nose are divided into two groups. The first is rhinoplasty to correct the aesthetic appearance of the nose and the other is functional Septorhinoplasty.

The purpose of the rhinoplasty surgery is to eliminate the deformities in the nose. The structural defect in the patient’s nose may be congenital or may have occurred after any accident or trauma. Before the operation, the ratio of the nose to the face is evaluated. Since the nose cannot be handled independently of the face, it is necessary to plan the nose size, nose tip height, nose-lip and nose-forehead angle in accordance with the face. The result of nose aesthetics is to be suitable for face. Therefore, it is best to expose a nose to the facial anatomy instead of the nose of the patient’s imagination. It should be remembered that aesthetic operations should be performed in a way that does not conform to the patient’s face, is not exaggerated and, most importantly, has not been treated.

Septorhinoplasty operations are performed to eliminate nasal cavity curvature, nasal stenosis, nasal growth and nasal congestion. The desired result in this operation is to eliminate the nasal congestion present in the patient and restore healthy breathing. Of course, the nose should be compatible with the face and other parts of the nose. Septorhinoplasty operations can be performed alone or in combination with rhinoplasty operations. Thus, the patient can get rid of both aesthetic concerns and intramuscular problems. In addition, this operation can be narrowed if the nostrils are too wide or the distance between the nose and the upper lip can be changed. Even if the bones on the nose of the nose are very protruding, they can be revised during the surgery. In septorhinoplasty, as in the same rhinoplasty, congenital or accidental bending curves can be corrected.

For More Information

Nose aesthetics is an operation that must be designed for each person. You can contact us for any questions you may have. In this process, you feel more secure than anything else. You can contact us easily. We will be happy to answer your questions.